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Flashing Repair & Installation in Oakmont, PA

If you own a commercial or residential structure in Oakmont, PA, it's important to make sure the flashing is firmly in place and does not have any leaks. At Toth Roofing, we're a roofing contractor that has taken care of the flashing on all types of roofs and around many different types of windows, doors, foundations, masonry walls and chimneys. You can count on us to handle flashing replacement and installation or any issue or concerns you may have with your flashing. We'll thoroughly inspect your property, identify places where your flashing is loose, damaged or missing and make the necessary repairs.
Flashing Repair & Installation in Oakmont, PA
We can install flashing made of plastic, composite material or sheet metal. Many people choose sheet metal because it's the most durable, but stainless steel or copper can also be used. Some even choose PVC-based plastic flashing because it's less expensive. Regardless of the type of material, we can install, repair or replace all types of flashing on any structure. We place it along the exterior of the structure, including above wood trim on shelves, windows, doors and around chimneys and other features on the roof.
During any new roof installation or roof repair, we can check the entire structure and make flashing repair as needed. It's essential that it be repaired or replaced in a timely manner, or water can seep into the walls and create mildew and mold problems. Over time, that moisture can cause building materials to deteriorate and lead to structural damage. Our licensed, bonded and insured technicians have years of experience installing and repairing flashing and can do the job quickly and effectively.